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“#1 Rated by Independent Testing Labs,” that is the claim made in big bright orange letters on the home page for Somatropinne, one that doesn’t come with much merit as we have been reviewing supplements for a while now and never heard of such a thing. None the less, we can’t write this product off just yet as many supplements on the market today come stocked with pretty sleazy ad campaigns. However, we have to admit at first glance we aren’t left that all impressed as the official website appears to me more about getting your order rather than leaving you informed. Let’s take a closer look inside the Somatropinne formula to find out if it just might be able to provide more than it appears. Visit this site for full info —

What Is Somatropinne Formulated To Provide You With?

We have to admit, the promised claims behind this product are extremely appealing as it offers a wide range of results and is not strictly targeting serious athletes the way many HGH supplements on the market today do.

Build Muscle

  • Enhances Biceps, Pectoralis,
  • Abdominals, Obliques, and More


Sports Advancement

  • Gain stamina, strengthen
  • Cardio, improve senses

How Does Somatropinne Provide These Results?

Somatropinne leads you to believe that it is a specialized blend of HGH, growth factors, and amino acids designed to stimulate greater production of human growth hormone by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. The formulators also claim that the formula sports not side effects and is indeed FDA approved. The problem with this is that this formula is a dietary supplement and the FDA has no power to approve any of the like, in fact the FDA rules state no supplements marketers can claim as much. Another lie thrown out by this product’s maker in attempt to get you to buy. As far as the ingredients go, there is little proof to back them up and in fact not all of them are even listed suggesting that the formula contains more needless fillers to make the company look good rather than actual result capable actives.

Customer Reviews For Somatropinne

The customer reviews for Somatropinne, other than those endorsed by the formulators, are not good and there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding the product. Whenever you see the word “scam” pop up in your research a few times you want to be weary of the company as a whole and probably steer clear of purchasing from them altogether.

Should You Purchase Somatropinne?

Overall it is unlikely that Somatropinne has to power to provide you with any substantial results as most of the formula consists of filler actives, there to make the product look promising and good for you. Not to mention the disappointment the entire company offers as it desperately tried to hook you with false information and lies. We recommend you look elsewhere for a formula that is developed by a more straightforward maker.

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