Anti-Aging Skincare for Over 50 Skin

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Anti-aging skincare reduces the impact of aging factors on skin over 50. The passing of time does not have to be the unavoidable cause of looking old. Researchers tell us that a loss of growth factors and a decline in the regeneration processes of cells causes deep furrows in the brow and forehead, crinkles or crows feet around the eyes, deep creases along the sides of the nose, drooping eyelids, sagging skin around the jaw line, facial wrinkles, the “tired look” we recognize as looking old. Anti-Aging specialists have made advances in counteracting environmental aging factors of sun, weather and pollution. Research also indicates that some genetic traits of aging are not as set in stone as was popularly believed.

Although there is no “fountain of youth” pill or cream that will make someone over 50 look like they are twenty-five, recent advances in science indicate that there are effective things you can do to maintain young-looking beautiful skin.

Anti-Aging skincare consists of the daily actions to provide the basic care of the skin anti-aging as well as support to counteract the challenges of aging skin.

These daily actions become your skincare regimen.

Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen

The basics of an Anti-Aging Skincare regimen begin with a morning routine of using an Anti-Aging Facial Cleansera Toner, an Anti-Aging Day Cream, and an Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Anti-Aging Body Lotion, and an Anti-Aging Night Cream..

If your skin will be exposed more than 15 minutes of sunlight, add an Anti-Aging Sunscreen. The anti-aging difference in is ingredients to protect against cell destruction, more intense moisturization and cellular support.

Anti-Aging Facial Wash The facial wash should gently and effectively remove make-up, dirt and oils from pores. It should not irritate the skin and should neither leave the skin dry or greasy. Additionally a good cleanser will return the skin to ph balance and, nourish skin cells provide some protection from the oxidation of free radicals. For additional information click here

Toner adds an extra level of cleansing to the skin and closes the pores. For anti-aging purposes a toner should not irritate the skin, should not add oil, should not clog pores, should be hypoallergenic, should not dry the skin. For additional information click here


The Anti-Aging Day Cream will do most of the anti-aging heavy lifting. First requirement is that your day cream keeps your skin moisturized. Additionally for anti-aging your day cream should, support ski cell growth, or contain antioxidants, or protect the skin from damage. For additional information click here


An Anti-Aging Eye Cream should provide intensive care for delicate skin around the eyes. It should reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes and reduce “crows feet” those tiny wrinkles at the corners of the eye. For additional information click here

Anti-Aging Body Lotion has the responsibility of providing for the body what the day cream provides for the face, moisturization, skin protection and anti-aging rejuvenation.For additional information click here

An Anti-Aging Night Cream works as you sleep in harmony with the body’s natural heal and repair cycle. Your night cream should intensify the repair and rejuvenation aspects of anti-aging while providing adequate overnight moisturization. For additional information click here

These are the fundamental steps of keeping your skin smooth, clear and beautiful.

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