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Rob Poulos the author of The Fat Burning Furnace System says that it has been established with the theory of, eating the right foods and exercising, your metabolism will jump into high gear.

We hope this Fat Burning Furnace Review will help you find the information youve been looking for to determine if this system is right for you. Below we have listed the benefits and drawbacks of The Fat Burning Furnace System.

Fat Burning Furnace Review The Benefits

A weight loss program you can understand and perform easily. Rob Poulos thoroughly examines a way to lose weight. They have exercises for the different levels of strength, from beginner to expert. There is a starters routine you can begin with if you havent exercised in years, then advance to the more difficult routines once you are in better shape.

The more muscle you gain and the more fat you lose, the better chance youll have in boosting your resting metabolic rate (RMR) which causes you to burn more calories. More Muscle = transforming your body into a fat burning furnace. The exercises are short but extreme and without question, condition your muscles in nothing flat.

He concentrates on rep speed other than the amount of reps. If you cant stand the thought of exercising for hours at a time, then this system is on your side. The Fat Burning Furnace states: 20 minutes a day 3 or 4 times a week, then regular strength training works fine.

Every muscle group gets a thorough workout, in other words, your entire body will benefit utilizing this system. Rob Poulos is sure his short strength training exercises are far superior to an hour on a treadmill for cardio workouts.

The Fat Burning Furnace System comes in 3 different levels, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Blowtorch. Out of the different levels the Ultimate is probably where youll get the most for your money, but if you upgrade to the Blowtorch you get two hours of Rob Poulos doing the exercise routines. If youre just starting out you should start with the basics and work your way through the other levels before you have a crack at the Blowtorch level.

Fat Burning Furnace Review The Drawbacks

The Fat burning System does not put a lot of emphasis on nutrition. Exercising is main the focus of this program. Rob Poulos talks about the fundamentals of nutrition, but does not mention what foods to eat in much detail. Compared to the exceptionally detailed exercise guides, the nutrition program leaves the reader a lot of choice which can be good or bad depending on your eating habits.

You will find guidelines for your nutrition with links to get recipes so you can make meals for yourself. Sales pressure can get too old at times. Among the other things The Fat Burning Furnace Review found, is that on the first 24 pages Rob Poulos tries to convince you of his ideas and logic. Its not the worst thing, but it can get bothersome, with the amount of times he tries to push ProGrade food brands. Putting this aside, the system is worth it.

Fat Burning Furnace Review The Bottom Line

Rob Poulos explains thoroughly on how nutrition plus exercising works on your body. He has no respect for fad diets, and goes on to put aside the myths about nutrition in plain words. With the research the Fat Burning Furnace Review has done, it has found that this is a good quality program for people that are tired of yo-yo dieting, whatever your existing fitness level is.

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